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The plexiglass divisions
Between a therapy room
And another are available in different
Colours to fit the different designs

On request , the seats
Can be supplied in colours co-ordinated to those chosen for the modular plant
Chromotherapy coupled
To the hydromassage with hot spring


To improve at best the SPA productivity FASET created a thermal devices range electronically checked and its sofware fit to their management.
This automatized management makes them autonomous from the operator presence during the stages of the delivery preparation.

The operator inspects all treatment rooms, through a Personal Computer connected to the net :

- the therapy to be applied
- the therapy time
- the sanification of the treatment room  - at the end of a therapyt
- the booking of a room

The offer of FASET SPA is based on a compound treatment, in order to assemble as possible as we can , the interception items, control and adjustment to make easy the installation , inspection and maintenance, to reduce the plants costs and the relevant building works necessary to the usual plants.

Every treatment room can deliver thefollowing therapies:
- Humage.
- Aerosol, with the possibility of sonic vibrations  or  negative ions
- Steam jet inhalation
- Micronized shower
- Gingival shower
- Irrigation or nasal shower

The MODULAR PLANT can be personalized on clientís details for:

- chosen therapy

- coupling of different therapies on every treatment place

- realization of treatments places only on one side or opposed on    both sides or placed in the centre of the room

- number of modules in a plant

- therapy activation system with different automation levels, from the   magnetic actuator to a completely automatized management and   interface with management systems of SPA

- sanification through scheduled cycles of steam of the whole hot    spring feeding plant,from the on-off valve to the patientís terminal

The modulat plant can guarantee a removal, by steam forced circulation of possible colony of bacteria as Escherichia coli, Candida albicans, Citobacter freundi, Enterococco, stafilococco aureo, pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Another benefit linked to the sanification solution is a cyclical cleaning of pipings from possible residuals of the mineral waters.

To make easy necessary maintenance and inspection the structure of the modular plant, realized in epoxidation paints stainless steel, can be inspected either through an inner cavaedium or outside.

Other special devices are also available to complete the solution FASET is offering :

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Galleria fotografica impianti termali Faset
Descrizione delle terapie inalatorie applicabili sui moduli Faset
 - Humage
 - Thermal Water
 - Sonic Aerosol
 - Ionized Aerosol
 - Steam Jet Inhalation
 - Micronized Nasal
 - Nasal Spraying
 - Endotympanic
 - Nebulizations
 - Paraffin Therapy


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