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FASET S.p.A. was founded on 1955 by his promoter, Eng. G. Lussello, introducing on the Italian market the aerosol therapy instruments whether for hospital use or home use, followed, in a short time, by other instruments for steam jet inhalation, insufflation and thermal treatments. On 1963, the Company transferred its office and its production line at Trezzano s/N, where itís still now operating, in order to better satisfy the needs of the increased production and of the different products lines.

Being supported by specialistís advises and by experimental studies carried out in Hospitals and Universities, FASET has developed, in the same time, a new line of autonomous and centralized surgical suction units, including instruments fit to any needs, from the operating room to the post-operating course and to the first aid.

Moreover, FASET specialised in consultancy, design, supply and post-sale services for spas, inhaling and aerosol-therapy chambers, health centres and hydro-therapeutic centres, through the development of autonomous, centralized and also modular equipments, completely automatic and controlled by a programmable microprocessor, in order to satisfy all clinical and managing needs.

This last type today is also available in the sanified version by programmable steam cycles of the whole mineral water plant, from the interception valve to the terminal.

Thanks to its long experience, its continuos technological renovation, its researches and its wide business and effective post-sales service, FASET S.p.A. became a leader Company in this field not only present in the majority of national hospitals and nursing homes, but also in important international hospitals and high specialized spa.

FASET S.p.A. has reached in 1997 the Company Quality System certification whose procedures are always applied in the products development and production, from the incoming components selection to the functional, performance and electrical safety tests of all the produced equipments.

FASET equipments conform both general and specific safety European Standards and they are marked CE in compliance with the Community Directive certified by the IMQ Notified Body.

Besides the products with its own mark, FASET is the sole agent of other trading marks, on the Italian market in order to complete its products range. FASET S.p.A. can be also a technical partner in designing and manufacturing new equipments on customer request, having a long experience in the electro-medical field.

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