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this document has the only purpose to acquaint and spread information.

The therapies and posologies must and can be prescribed by a doctor only.

FASET is not responsible of an improper use


More or less finely fractioned thermal water and its contained gases are introduced into the respiratory apparatus by the inhalation therapy, through duly planned devices with certificate on rule of law.

The absorption can be obtained besides the local action on the walls of the throat, through the mucous membrane and the start through the lymphatic vessels to the close tissues and organs; then by the circulation of the blood, the action is generalized involving the remote organs.


The thermal water aerosol uses a finer and homogeneous fractionation of the thermal water. The water sucked from the compressed air comes out by pressure.
We can so obtain its fractionation in very small and homogeneous particles with a diameter of 2-4 micron, at a temperature of 28-30° C.

This is an individual therapy and it can be made by oral way or nasal way through a fit mouthpiece or a nasal fork.

The deep air apparatus parts are reached by aerosol to the pulmonary alveolus. Suitable for the chronic diseases of the higher and lower air apparatus ; nose, pharynx, larynx, windpipe and bronchial tree.

- just one application a day is made for a minimum cycle of 12 days
- duration : gradually increasing from 5 minutes the first day to 11 minutes


This variant of the aerosol therapy, conceived by a French physiologist named Guillerm, has the particular characteristic to be made by coupling the very small and homogeneous fractionation of the thermal water with the sound waves flow at regular intervals.

The aerosol mycelia, subjected to sound waves flow with a frequency of 100 Hertz, acquire a special kinetic flow empowering them to enter into cavity and paranasal sinus and middle ear, through the Eustachian tubes.

This treatment can be also made by a special fork obstructing nostrils which pressed round the nose can transmit a slight positive pressure to all points of the nasal cavity.

During the sonic aerosol, the patient must frequently swallow; this action get close the back communication between nose and throat by the soft palate, causing a pressure increase in the nasal cavity and allowing so the entry of the aerostatic mycelia into paranasal sinus and into the tympanic tube.

This treatment is exclusively applied by nasal way and it is specific for chronic rhinosinusitis and coadjuvant in treatment of the chronic middle catarrhal otitis and chronic catarrhal otosalpingitis too.

- Just one application a day is made for a minimum cycle of 12 days.
- duration : gradually increasing from 6 minutes the first day to 12   minutes


The ionized aerosol is a special type of individual inhalation treatment where the aerosol therapy with thermal flowing water and the negative aeroionotherapy are combined.

This treatment is realized by using a special device giving a negative electrical charge to the aerosol particles.

The electric charge prevents particles to join together giving smaller particles, allowing them to reach the depth of the air apparatus.

Moreover it makes easier the absorption of the aersol particles by the mucous membrane of the respiratory apparatus and a better use of the oxygen at celullar level making an intensive antiallergic action.

The treatment needs a proper mask by which the aerosol therapy can be used by nasal or oral way.

This special inhalation treatment is suitable for allergic and unallergic vasomor rhinopathy, allergic and unallergic bronchial asthma, rhinobronchial syndrome and chronic bronchitis.

- Just one treatment a day is made for a minimum cycle of 12 days.
- Duration : gradually increasing from 6 minutes the first days to 12 minutes.


The steam jet inhalation as a preparatory care is usually foreseen in an inhalation treatments cycle;in fact the vasodilatator steam effect, prepares the tissues for the absorption of the constituents successively delivered by aerosol.

The inhalations are individual direct steam jet therapies. They are made by nebulizing the thermal water in 8-10 micron particles sucked under steam flow.

A dense fog of watery particles at a temperature of 38°C about is obtained at the output mouthpiece. The patient is at the same level of the jet, open mouth, at a distance of 20-30 centimeters about.

It is suitable for the first respiratory way chronic pathologies, nose, pharynx, larynx, windpipe and big bronchia.


It is an individual treatment suitable for the fluidity of the secretions inside the nasal fossa and in rhinopharyngeal and pharingeal part through a plantiful flow of thermal water particles.
The thermal water particles have sizes higher than the usual aerosol ones and they are driven under steam directly into the nostrils.
This is a treatment usually well suffered by children, even if babies, and it is also very helpful in the middle ear pathologies in paediatric age too.

Particularly suitable for all chronic catarrhal pathologies of nose and throat :rhinitis, rhinosinusitis, rhinopharyngitis.
Useful for middle secretory otitis (or middle otitis with shedding) of children and for chronic otosalpingitis of adults.

The therapeutical bath in thermal bathtub is often and usually coupled with the previous inhalation treatments. This therapeutical coupling seems useful to modify where the chronic diseases of the respiratory tree set up.

The bath can increase the body protection system through local and general action processes (trans-skin absorption, vasomotory, vagale, suprarenal stimulant). Like this, the bath increasess the action of the inhalation crenotherapy protracting its therapeutical effects.

- Just one application a days is made for a minum cycle of 12 days.
- Duration : gradually increasing from 6 minutes the first day to 12 minutes.


This is an individual treatment consisting in washing the nasal fossae. This treatment uses thermal water at 37°C with spray at atmospheric pressure

The result is to cleanse the mucous membrane from scabs and remove the staunching secretions.
In general it is advisable the spraying before the other inhalation treatments because cleansing the nasal mucous membrane prepare the tissues to more efficaciously receive the active principles of the other inhalation treatments

Usually the nasal spraying is suitable for different treatments like atrophic,chronic rhinitis, scabby rhinitis, ozaena, chronic rhinosinusitis and in general where there are abundant secretions.

The fluoric sodium bicarbonate mineral water, through a special spray piece with olive, penetrates into a nostril at low pressure, by causing its going out from the other nostril.

The patient head must be bent and turned with the olive leant on the nostril reaching so an higher position, so that the low pressure thermal water flows down through the other nostril, while the patient is open mouth breathing.

The head rotation must be the least so that the ear being in a lower position (the ear opposite to the nostril with the olive) stays however higher than nhose : this position prevents the thermal water goes into the middle ear through the Eustachian tubes.

This move will be repeated at short intervals in every nose cavity. It is suitable for treatment of atrophic chronic rhinitis, scabby rhinitis, ozaena, chronic rhinosinusitis and in general where there are abundant secretions.

- Just one treatment a day is made for a minimum cycle of 12 days

- Duration : gradually increasing from 6 minutes the first day to 12   minutes.


The humage is a therapeutical treatment based on inhalation of gases of the thermal waters.
Compressed air enters into a jar full of thermal water to free gases.
The produced gurgling emits the water constituents which by gathering in the high part of the jar, are driven to the patient mask, through air pressure.

The humage is so a dry inhalation treatment and it is ideal to reach the low respiratory ways and the smallest pulmonary alveolus..



This particulat individual treatment is suitable for all patients suffering rhinodeafness.
The rhinodeafness includes all the pathological situations causing the transmissive bradyacusia due to inflammatory courses of rhinopharynx, Eustachian tubes and middle ear.

Tubal insufflations are made using sulphurous mineral water, besides the previously described inhalation treatments, used with fluoric sodium bicarbonate hyperthermal mineral water.
This therapy consists in putting the sulphurous gas through the Eustachian tubes into the middle ear.

The tubal insufflations are made by an otorhinolaryngologist doctor only, by introducing into the patient’s nose a small probe named “Itard catheter” pushed till to enter the pharyngeal “ostio” of the Eustachian tubes.
Now, the doctor insufflates, at a low pressure, sulphurous gas made free by gurgling of the sulphurous thermal water, through the catheter, into the Eustachian tubes.

A rustle is produced in the middle ear cavity when the thermal gas arrives and it is heard either by the patient or by the insufflating doctor using a phonendoscope leant to the patient outer ear.
This application lets to exceed the probable tubal stenosis at the phlogistic process and helps the tuba itself and the eardrum to be free from the secretions.

The pathologies of the middle ear and tuba, able to fix an hypo-acusia or a rhinodeafness, are strictly linked to those of the nose and pharynx: therefore it is absolutely necessary to associate the tubal insufflations with the inhalation treatment of sodium bicarbonate fluorine water (spraying and micronized nasal spray, inhalations, flowing thermal water aerosol, sonic and ionic aerosol according to the doctor’s opinion).
The application of catheter is painless; all the catheters are plastic made and single use.

In general one application a day is made for a minimum of 12 sittings and a maximum of 2° sittings

The duration of the insufflation can be of 1 or 3 minutes according to the doctor’s prescription.

Many doctors agree with the profit of repeating this treatment for running years.
In some special cases it can be useful to have two treatment cycles in a year, but not closer.
(for exemple the first cycle before summer and the second cycle in autumn).


The nebulization is the end of a complete thermal inhalation treatment.
This collective treatment is based on the let in thermal water, like a dense, damp fog, consisting of many very small drops of sodium bicarbonate mineral fluorine water, suspended in a common, saturated room where the patient will stay for the whole duration of the application.

The thermal water together with its mineral salts penetrates into the whole respiratory higher, middle and lower apparatuys, restoring the better superficial humidity conditions of the mucous membrane in all points, at the end of the inhalation treatment complete cycle.

The nebulizations are suitable for higher, middle and lower aerial apparatus chronic pathologies, including simple chronic bronchitis and obstructive chronic bronchitis.

Usually the duration of this treatment is gradually increasing : 10 minutes the first day to 30 minutes, increasing 5 minutes in the following days.


The paraffin therapy is based on the therapeutical application of heated paraffin.
A conduction thermotherapy is carried out by this technique.
The heated paraffin, applied on skin, transfers heat by conduction and has an effective thermal action.
The paraffin layer in contact with the skin gets cold and becomes solid; this layer isolates the skin from the still warm layers and lets to easier tolerate the high temperature of paraffin.

The paraffin, by cooling and solidifying, gets narrower on the body part and has a constrictive action on the fleshy parts.
An effective anti-oedema action is so realized.A great deal of sweat is collected between the paraffin layer and the skin.

The paraffin therapy has a special anti-oedema action ; moreover, through the tissues heating, it extenuates the sensation of pain and the release of the muscular contraction.
The application methods of paraffin are represented by bath, repeated immersions, paintings and paraffin foam.

The paraffin therapy is suitable for treatment of recent post-traumatic oedema posthumous traumas, arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
The paraffin therapy can be applied for subacute or chronic rheumatoid arthritis.

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“Medicina Termale”, Roberto Gualtierotti, Lucisano editore – Mi, 1981

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